Let us take care of all your landscaping needs.

LAWN MOWING - Weekly mowing is essential for the health and integrity of your lawn.  Our experienced mowing team uses top of the line and regularly maintained machines, which ensures the sharpest cut for your grass.  In additional to mowing, at each visit all patios, decks and driveways are cleared of debris and our team line trims all mulch beds, walkways and curbing giving your property a clean and defined look.

SEASONAL CLEANUPS - Start and end the season right with spring and fall cleanups. These visits include clearing your property's lawn, beds and gardens of any and all debris, leaves and sticks and a final lawn mowing. Spring cleanups include detaching, which loosens the soil and grass, helping your lawn grow healthier and fuller. Cleanups not only make your yard neat and beautiful, but they are essential to the integrity of your lawn so that leaves and debris are not left behind to create dead spots. Aeration also available. 

EDGING & MULCHING - The finishing touch on any landscape comes from edging and reshaping the borders on all shrub and garden beds. Choose from our selection of mulch varieties to not only complete the look, but provide hydration and insulation to your shrubs and deter the growth of pesky weeds.

FERTILIZATION PROGRAMS - Applied approximately every 6 weeks, our standard 6 step fertilization program will ensure prime color, growth and pest control for your grass. Each application includes a targeted spot weed spray treatment. Applications can be customized. 

PRUNING & TRIMMING - The correct pruning is essential to the health and flowering of your shrubs and gives your property a tailored look. It also prevents damage to your home and gutters which can be caused by overgrowth. We can talk with you about your options for routine trims or an overgrowth cut back based on your shrub variety. 

LANDSCAPE DESIGN - Let us help you create the outdoor space of your dreams! We will work with you to design a plan of trees, shrubs and flowers that compliment your home or business and express your style. Our knowledge of trees and shrubs means we will choose plantings that bloom and add interest through each New England season. Whether you are starting with a blank slate or just want to spruce up an existing area we take into account your budget and style to create a beautiful space that will impress and be enjoyed for years to come.

SHRUB & TREE INSTALLATION - Need to plant trees, shrubs, annuals or perennials? Let us take care of the trucking and muscle. We will purchase, transport and properly plant any trees, shrubs and flowers when and where you need them. We also offer seasonal plantings of annual hearty flowers and bulbs to beautify your home or business to match the season.

HARDSCAPES - Walkways and patios modernize and define space, creating welcoming areas to enjoy the outdoors. We take great care and use only the highest quality paver products to build outdoor living spaces, paths, walls, steps and fire pits that will last for years.

SNOW/ICE REMOVAL & SALTING - When winter strikes, we are ready to keep your home or business safe and running. Our plows, salters and shovelers operate 24 hours a day until storms clear. We always have backup equipment waiting in the wings to ensure we stay on top of the latest mother nature throws at us. You won't have to worry about a thing, stay warm inside and let us clear your parking lots, driveways, mailboxes and walkways!

IRRIGATION INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE - Sick of hand watering and still ending up with crispy grass? We can plan and install an automatic underground irrigation system saving you time and frustration with hoses. An efficient sprinkler watering system can keep every inch of your lawn and gardens properly irrigated for the entire season. We will set and adjust the amount of water based on sun exposure and plantings for your unique lawn. 

Spring start ups - We will turn on and check to make sure all components are intact and are running properly.  We will also adjust any sprinkler heads to ensure proper coverage. 

Winterizations - Before the frigid New England winter freezes or causes damage to your system, we will turn off and blow out all of the lines.

Repairs - Occasionally, parts of irrigation systems can get brittle and fail with age or wear. We will pinpoint and repair the problem. 

MOSQUITO SPRAYING - This year win the battle against pesky biters with Organic bi-weekly spray treatments to your property. Our prevention sprays create an invisible force field around your yard to keep your family better protected against annoying bites and diseases all summer long. Hosting an outside event? Our sprayers will be there the day before to make sure there are no uninvited guests to your bash!